debuts new deal cards

We've updated our deal cards to simplify information presentation and emphasise our unique Watt Price pricing analytics. 

WattPrice is a calculation of the effective price per unit that you would pay for any given retail energy product, based on your estimated or actual consumption and your behaviour as an energy consumer (particularly your pay on time frequency).

WattPrice takes into account product consumption tariffs, connection and other fees, conditional discounts, as well as any other financial incentives offered to provide a simple, apples-to-apples price comparison between different energy products.


WattPrice is essentially a comparison rate for energy. We designed WattPrice because we wanted a price comparison tool for energy that would be just as simple and just as useful as unit pricing is for grocery items in the supermarket or comparison rates for financial products.

In the Grouply energy comparison service, we use each products' calculated WattPrice to rank all relevant energy products, so you can immediately see which product is the cheapest for your consumption level and bill payment behaviour.

The smartphone is eventually going to die, and then things are going to get really crazy

One day, not too soon — but still sooner than you think — the smartphone will all but vanish, like beepers and fax machines before it.

Make no mistake, we’re still probably at least a decade away from any kind of meaningful shift away from the smartphone. 

Yet, piece by piece, the groundwork for the eventual demise of the smartphone is being laid by Elon Musk, by Microsoft, by Facebook, by Amazon, and a countless number of startups that still have a part to play.